Choose Custom NOT The Good Feet Store

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Choose Custom & NOT The Good Feet Store for so many reasons!

Why Custom Foot Orthotics & NOT The Good Feet Store:

For starters, The Good Feet Store does not make 3-D impressions of each foot. 

They offer pre-made, off the shelf, arch supports and cushions too – from inventory!

Let’s not forget about their amazing free fitting & walk test.

Options designed to be exactly the same left compared to right.

Never made to offer the proper resistance specific to anyone.

Not even taken into consideration!

In contrast, we make 3-D impressions!3-D MASS Posture Foot Impression - patient seated

In turn, that means YOUR support is made-from-scratch, truly CUSTOM, to match each foot.

chili matrix custom foot orthotics

Why Custom 3-D Foot Impressions Are Important:

Because feet are unique, having 66 joints designed to work as springs.

26 bones per foot

All those bones held together by ligaments for support…

and all those muscles essential for that spring-like function.

All these bones, ligaments, and muscles happen to create a unique shape of each foot too.

This means feet are not identical!

Feet are not identical

In other words, custom is essential to support the specific shape of each foot – both the left & right foot.

The Good Feet Store does not take any of this into account!

Why Flexible Support Is Essential:

Because feet are not rocks.

They’re springs.

Remember, there are sixty-six joints in the feet.

ALL 66 made to work in-sync as springs.

4 metal springs are bent every which way against white background

And let’s not forget how hard body weight & gravity push down into these springs.

In order to fight back properly, well…

That requires something special – a made from scratch approach!

Especially when you consider how the average person takes TEN THOUSAND steps each day.

Point being: feet require the proper underlying support.

Most importantly, that means feet require something better than off the shelf from the good feet store.

Custom Support – Not Too Soft or Too Hard – Just Right by design

Just Right Flexibility & Comfort design!

Custom is made from scratch to match individual needs!

Look it up in the dictionary if you must.

Why made-from-scratch shoe inserts are essential to your long-term recovery

Just like eyeglasses are calibrated to match the visual needs of each eye – it’s important!

Wear the wrong glasses long enough and you’ll think you’re eyesight is gone forever.

But, that’s the point!

It’s not, you just tried something off the shelf!

Foot problem bad enough and one might even consider surgery.

Anyone who’s ever purchased store bought glasses and then custom calibrated glasses understands this – HUGE difference!

Making the best custom shoe orthotic is precision work – no guessing.

The BEST custom shoe insert is made-from-scratch-to-match individual needs.

Not found on a shelf, or any retailer of “pre-made stuff.” 

Sad, but true!

flushing money down the toilet

The Good Feet Store is guessing, which means they’re wasting your time and money.

In contrast, we precision calibrate our custom foot orthotics to optimize how each foot handles gravity and your body weight with every step. 

As a result, that’s another huge advantage to custom!

What The Good Feet Store Offers:

The Good Feet Store offers a “free fitting” & glorious “free walk test.”

They offer arch supports from inventory.

What they offer is off-the-shelf, in stock, & ready-made for your free fitting and walk test.

This is a “hope-&-pray” approach.

Not made to match the shape of each foot.

Never calibrated for flexibility!

Simply not made to match the support needs of folks who require serious help. 

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And that’s why you should choose custom NOT The Good Feet Store

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