Common Foot Problems

Considering how much time we spend on our feet, is anyone really surprised there are so many people suffering with foot problems?

Every day our feet are required to handle a tremendous amount of stress. Take care of your feet.

Every day we ask our feet to work as efficient shock absorbers against the unrelenting stress of our body weight in order to stabilize and support us.

Do you realize 25% of the body’s bones are in the feet?

We ask so much of our feet, all the time, yet seem to do so little for them.

So when we start to suffer with some of the more common foot problems, like plantar fasciitis, is anyone really surprised?

Truth be told, there are over 30 diagnoses related to poor foot function.

The good news is that correcting the cause of practically everyone is as simple as improving foot function.

When you improve function, you eliminate the cause of constant stress and the foot can finally heal.

It's really that simple.

In order to improve foot function, in other words, in order to turn each foot back into the efficient spring that it's designed to be you need a made-from-scratch custom calibrated foot orthotic.

Whether you're suffering with metatarsalgia, hammer toes, big toe arthritis or Morton's Neuroma, you need a truly custom solution specific to everything about YOU.

Even if you're suffering from corns, callouses, shin splints, or iliotibial band syndrome, you need a made-from-scratch truly custom solution.

Point being, whether your suffering from a bunion or any of the other common foot problems, you need a custom calibrated foot orthotic that's specifically designed to hold and cradle each foot in its corrected arch-up alignment.

Here at Arizona Orthotics we proudly offer the only medical-grade custom orthotic on the market that's precision calibrated to flex specific to YOUR body weight, YOUR foot flexibility, YOUR activity level and YOUR corrected arch up foot alignment.

Get that spring back in your step! Call Arizona Orthotics today.

Dr. Dave at Arizona Orthotics