Controversial Metatarsalgia Treatments

right hand in air holding and squishing a small red ball

-Stop Squishing the Ball & the Ball Is Normal Again-

Metatarsalgia is caused by too much stress in the bony region behind your toes. 

26 bones per foot

Stress related to poor shock absorption.

You see, the 26 bones in your feet must work as springs to absorb shock when you walk.

As your foot squishes down beyond what is normal, you create stress.

Stress directed to the metatarsal region WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG IN EXCESS.

And, this stress goes up too.

A bad foot, poor shock absorber, wreaks havoc everywhere!

Treatments that Do Not address the cause, HOW the FEET HANDLE GRAVITY, of metatarsalgia are controversial.

Controversial Metatarsalgia Treatments:

Metatarsalgia pads, cushions, & sleeves

Made-in-advance inserts, insoles, arch supports & orthotics,





& Essential Oils.

Metatarsalgia Pads are designed to further stretch and open up the space between your metatarsals.

Your forefoot is already OVER stretched!

Made-in-advance means NOT made-to-match your Authentic Foot Shape – a requirement for healing metatarsalgia & the long term results you deserve!

Stretching & Metatarsalgia Pads Do Not Optimize How Each Foot Handles Gravity.

And that’s why “not putting weight on the foot” is a terrible recommendation for anyone who likes to walk!!!

STOP stretching if you have metatarsalgia!

Stop wearing metatarsalgia pads, cushions and sleeves!!!

They ALL have the potential to make you worse faster – not a desirable outcome.

Ultrasound does not improve how your feet handle gravity.

Injections cover symptoms.

Massage does not change how the feet absorb shock.

Essential Oils do not magically restore foot alignment to the 52 bones in your feet.

Stop squishing the ball and the ball goes back to its original shape.

In the case of metatarsalgia, foundational restoration & optimization is the answer.

That’s HOW we optimize the way each foot handles gravity.

That’s WHY feet grow stronger with every step. 

Absorb Shock & Avoid the Controversy!

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