Duchess Kate Reveals Her Trick to Wearing High Heels

Duchess Kate High Heels

Struggling to find comfort in your favorite pair of high heels?

According to industry insiders, Duchess Kate was recently seen buying several pairs of insoles at a department store in London.

In fact, they report this is how Duchess Kate was able to continue wearing heels well into her 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

That’s truly amazing, but here’s the thing…

Insoles are pre-made, over the counter cushions, for everybody.

In other words, they’re not made for anybody in particular.

Do they help make wearing heels more comfortable?

Yes, certainly, but are they the right fit for everybody?

Absolutely not.

Some women have such severe foot pain that a simple insole just won’t help.

Some women have bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Sadly, women are two to four times more likely than men to develop a bunion.

Some women have big toe arthritis and hammer toes.

The prevalence of hammer toe is four to five times more common in women.

Point being, insoles are fantastic cushions and certainly make wearing heels more comfortable, but if you want to learn the real secret to wearing heels…

It’s called The Copely.


It’s a secret.



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