Essential Oils for Plantar Fasciitis: Truth vs. Lies

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"If I can't find the cause of your plantar fasciitis, I will give you $25!" 
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Visit Pinterest and search “essential oils for plantar fasciitis” and you’re sure to continue suffering.

One pin suggests, “As the heel lifts off the ground the plantar fascia pulls away from the heal bone.”

This is false! 

Another pin suggests, “Lemongrass Essential Oil Cures Plantar Fasciitis Like A Boss!”

Again, false!


Yet another suggests, “How I Heal Plantar Fasciitis Using Young Living Essential Oils.”

All of these statements about essential oils for plantar fasciitis are completely ridiculous…just as ridiculous as the idea that essential oils can correct the cause of plantar fasciitis.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the facts.

Plantar fasciitis is a sign of a long standing foot problem caused by:

1. Abnormal foot alignment, and

2. Failure of the foot to properly absorb shock.

Plantar fasciitis is CAUSED by micro tears in the fascia when the fascia is constantly stretched beyond its limit over time.

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It’s that simple.

Ask yourself, “How can essential oils possibly help the foot work more efficiently as a spring and fight off the constant stress of body weight and gravity?”

It’s impossible!

Buyer Beware: Essential oils have zero potential to correct the cause of plantar fasciitis!

Simply stated…plantar fasciitis IS NOT caused by a lack of essential oils applied to your foot.

Learn how to correct the cause of plantar fasciitis here.

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