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frequently asked questions

How can you support your statement that you offer the best custom foot orthotic on the market? What makes your product the best?

Excellent FAQ, thank you.

One Word: VALUE!

Our made-from-scratch-to-match ONLY YOU process begins with a seated 3-D impression of each foot in MASS Posture.

Authentic Arch-Up Foot Alignment

Next, we Precision Calibrate for perfect flexibility specific to YOUR body weight.

Machine Calibrated for Performance, Specificity & Excellence - by design.

There is no comparison. You deserve a product made specific to everything about you.

There's a Reason Arizona Orthotics is 5-STAR Google Rated!

5 Gold Star above the words Best ValueWhat kinds of problems can result from poor foot function?

Pain and deformity can begin in the feet such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, corns, and hammertoes, but this stress also travels UP.

girl pointing up with one finger picture

Feet are the foundation and the human body demands a strong foundation to age gracefully. You don't need a doctor to tell you that - it's pretty obvious. Just think about what a house is built upon.

Because foot function affects the entire kinetic chain of bones leading up and into the spine, pain and dysfunction in the knee, hip and low back often result as well.

Can problems be prevented or corrected with the use of a custom foot orthotic?

Yes. If the problem is caught early enough, pain and deformity can often be prevented. Regular use can often reverse deformity development or, at least, prevent sur­gery.

How? Because when you restore normal function you give your body what it needs to heal itself.

A typical orthotic only masks your symptoms temporarily –until further deformity makes things worse.

Our custom foot orthotics are designed to optimize how your feet handle gravity.

This is how you correct the cause of foot problems for the best long-term outcome.

Does my insurance cover custom foot orthotics?

Maybe. Call the customer service number on your insurance card and ask them whether your contract has coverage for CPT code L3000. This  is the code for custom foot orthotics.

Remember, it ultimately comes down to your contract plan language regarding L3000 and whether you meet their criteria.

Typically, coverage is only available when you've been diagnosed with a peripheral neuropathy such as diabetes.

FYI: we do not require a prescription or referral. We do not charge for a consultation which means you only pay for the orthotics if it's decided you could benefit.

We charge $550/pair offering a buy 2 get 1 free option for those with different support needs.

What’s the warranty on my custom calibrated foot orthotics?

Six Month Comprehensive Warranty 

Included with your purchase.

This warranty covers, for a period of six months from the original purchase date, against all defects in materials and workmanship.

We will attempt to repair or replace defective orthotics.

Warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or damage.

One Year Limited Plastic Warranty 

This warranty covers against shell breakage for one year from the original purchase date.

The plastic used in the fabrication of our custom foot orthotics is extremely durable and yet flexible enough to be highly resistant to cracking.

The chance that they will break or crack is small.

However, we will replace them if it should happen within the first year.

Two Year Extended Warranty (Optional)

The purchase of this warranty guarantees against breakage or un-modifiable deformity for two years from the original purchase date.

We will repair or replace defective products.

Cost is only $90.

Note: This optional warranty includes a one-time replacement on lost or stolen orthotics at the replacement orthotic price of $90.

So, if you lose your orthotics or they’re stolen, we’ll replace them for only $90.

What do custom calibrated foot orthotics cost?

Cost varies widely as does quality depending on where you go shopping and HOW they're made.

It turns out HOW your Custom Foot Orthotics are made Actually Matters.

Here in our office we charge $550/pair.

P.S. Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! Mix & Match for the perfect application across all footwear (heels, dress shoes, boots, stilettos, sandals, tennis, golf, ballet, hiking...)

How long before they're back from the lab?

Less than 2 weeks, generally 7-10 days.

We can have them back in 4-5 days if RUSHED.

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