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Most People have Supple Flat Feet which means there’s a 99% chance their Feet are Only Flat While Standing.

Everyone who comes to our office with flat feet is inevitably AMAZED when they see they actually have an arch.

Chances are you too have an arch!

That’s the beauty of our MASS posture custom foot orthotics!

Now’s the time to try the only custom product specifically designed to restore each foot back to its authentic alignment.


The diagnosis for flat feet is Supple or Rigid.

No arch while Seated & Standing indicates a Rigid flat foot.

Presence of an arch while seated, but none while standing indicates a Supple flat foot.

In other words, most folks with flat feet actually have a great arch.

How that's captured is where most go wrong and why their results are short-lived.  

In order to capture each foots corrected posture, the 3-D impression must be made SEATED. Authentic Arch-Up Foot Alignment


Time, aging, and gravity!

Flat feet are most commonly due to poor support from mass produced footwear.

In other words, NOT ONE manufacturer makes a shoe from scratch to meet individual specifics.

Important things like as body weight, activity level, foot shape and flexibility.

As the body presses down onto the 33 joints in each foot, the foot simply becomes overwhelmed and flattens.

-Please Elaborate!-

Here’s a little math you’re 4th grade teacher would love!

Let’s say, for the sake of simplicity, you weigh 125 pounds and your trusty pedometer says you took 8,536 steps today.

If you multiply 125 by 8,536 you get 1,067,000. That’s over 1 million pounds you’re asking your feet to support and supply shock absorption for every day.

Let’s consider another example: weight training either at your home or a fitness center. Imagine how tired your arms would be if you lifted 10 pound dumbbells 10,000 times! Enough said.

-Can I be helped?-
You have three options:
1. Stretch and strengthen your feet
2. Wear a pre-made insole, insert or arch support
2. Restore MASS Posture to each foot

-Treatments Designed to Stretch and Strengthen the Feet-


Search YouTube and you’ll have over 150,000 videos about flat feet to watch.

-We even have our very own video-

Here’s the problem with EVERY exercise designed to fix a flat foot: It’s TEMPORARY because we live in GRAVITY!

Sure, you could spend 5 minutes per day 365 days per year performing these exercises in hopes your foot will stay up against your body weight and gravity during thousands of steps you take every day, but c’mon! Really?

Think about it. This means you’ll need to literally spend at least 1,825 minutes per year performing this routine for the rest of your life. Truth be told, you’ll probably need to spend at least double this amount of time since 5 minutes goes by real fast.

We’ve had Personal Trainers, Cross Fitters, Physical Therapists and the list goes on ALL fail to prove they could hold their foot in its optimal arch up alignment against their body weight and gravity!

Here’s how we tested them:
First we make a non-weight bearing 3-D impression to capture the foot's Corrected Posture.

MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression Taken Seated

Next, they’re instructed to hold their arch up and stand in the foam.

Lastly, they’re asked to simply walk out of the foam.

It’s a real a simple test. Nothing fancy!

Not one professional has been able to prevent their arch from flattening when compared to the non-weight bearing 3-D impression.

Note: everyone was instructed to hold their arch up the entire time; this was their focus throughout the entire test.

Not one licensed professional or elite athlete passed this test. That says a lot about the ability of exercise to help flat feet.


-Insoles, Inserts & Arch Supports-

The list of manufacturers working to steal your money for premade products is never ending! Seriously! Google ‘flat feet’ and you’ll be forced to sift through over 20 million of them! 20 million results of which only 2 or 3 are truly made-from-scratch! Staggeringly offensive to human intelligence!

What do you mean offensive?
Pick up any dictionary and open it to the word custom and you’ll read…made to the specifications of the individual.

So then, how are the 99% of products that vie for your attention and money made specific to anything about you!

Truly offensive, false advertising and outright rude!

Do not waste your time searching for the right fit pre-made product!

It doesn’t exist!!!

There’s no such thing!