Heel Spur - Heel Pain

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Heel spurs are not some unexplainable form of bad luck.

In other words, heel spurs appear for a good reason.

Heels spurs form when the seat-belt like plantar fascia is over-stretched.

When the fascia is over-stretched, due to a failed arch, a tug-of-war begins.

heel spur tug of war

This tug-of-war causes the spur to begin its growth.

That's how a heel spur happens - it's really that simple.

The longer the stretch-stretch is left uncorrected, the larger the spur and the worse the heel pain.

What's not so simple is what you choose to do about it!

Long-term heel spur results require the cause is eliminated - stop that tug-of-war!

In other words, you need to stop the underlying fascia from over-stretching with every step.

plantar fasciitis arch up vs arch down

That requires optimal foot function, and that’s where we excel.

Thanks to our unique 3-D foot impression technique the resulting orthotic cradles each foot’s corrected arch-up shape.

As a result, the ends of the fascia draw closer together so the tug of war ends!

Goodbye heel spur!