High Heels: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

love the heels, save your sole. woman standing in heels looking as cool as a cucumber

High heels increase gravity stress and cause foot problems.

Most notably, the good ‘ol bunion.

Bunion pictureHigh heels and bunion pretty much go hand-in-hand unless something is able to counteract stress.

“What does up must come down.”

-Sir Isaac Newton

Seems like a bad idea shifting more stress to the front of the foot.

stop high heel pain and foot deformity with the copley

The higher the heel the greater the stress.

As more and more stress shifts forward and down into the big toe, the faster things change.

Consider how you feel wearing a small 2” heel compared to a stiletto.

For some that means a bunion as early as thirty. 

Others are lucky and the deformity doesn’t begin to appear until much later in life.  

lucky four leaf clover

For the real lucky?

High heels cause no problems whatsoever.

For the unlucky we recommend The Copley

The Copley custom foot orthotic for heels and stilettos

While time, aging and gravity cannot be controlled, transferring destructive stress away from the big toe can.

No leprechaun required!

Luck hidden under the foot – The Copley™.

The Copley Custom Foot Orthotic for high heels and stilettos as shown fastened into place with velcro - invisible protection

-Completely HIDDEN Underneath Each Foot Offering INVISIBLE Protection!-

Stop gravity from wreaking havoc on your feet and age gracefully. 

Love the Heels, Save Your Sole!®

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