How To Avoid Stress Fractures

before and after short leg xray pics

In 2001, researchers set out to identify stress fracture risk factors with an emphasis on biomechanics.

They learned of Three Biomechanical Factors that INCREASE your risk:

  1. High longitudinal arch of the foot
  2. Leg-length inequality, and
  3. Excessive forefoot varus.

High arches top the list!

Biomechanically, the foot is supposed to help absorb shock.

chicken with springs under feet and the words "a spring chicken" underneath

High arches clearly struggle to equally distribute stress over the entire surface of the foot – IT’S NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST for a reason!

The Solution Is How We Make Our 3-D Impressions – MASS Posture.

Literally, our made-from-scratch custom foot orthotics cradle each foot’s Authentic Shape.

MASS Posture 3-D Foot Impression Taken Seated

Next up on the list is leg-length inequality.

Before & After Anatomical Short Leg

Leg length inequality (LLI) is not something you should continue to suffer with forever!

There are 2 types of SHORT LEG, but in the case of a true bone deficiency, aka structural, the bones are literally shorter (also called unequal) on one side.

LLI is clearly a biomechanical DIS-advantage – IT’S NUMBER TWO ON THE LIST!

Would you only wear one shoe over 5 years yet still have the audacity to question WHY your entire body hurts?!

Here at Arizona Orthotics we measure the inequality, standing, via x-ray as shown above.

Then we build the correction, as measured in millimeters, directly into the custom foot orthotic on the short leg side

This allows us to level the pelvis and sacral base, all the while optimizing foot function.

Third on the list is too much forefoot varus.

Varus is a foot that’s tilted-out.

Whatever the cause may be, we’re here to help.

Please reach out to stop suffering with foot, ankle, knee and hip joint dys-function & pain.


Korpelainen R, Orava S, Karpakka J, et al. Risk factors for recurrent stress fractures in athletes. Am J Sports Med. 2001;29(3):304-310

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