How To R.I.C.E.

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Simply stub a toe & the need to apply these principles begin!


Take advantage!!!

As you know, toe or foot pain changes HOW you walk.

Without question!

Not for the better either – how you walk is now focused on avoiding pain.

That’s called a compensation – just like a bunion.

Ignore R.I.C.E. at your own peril.

YOUR Decision could result in chronic pain.

What is Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is the type that sticks around forever.

Apply The Principles of R.I.C.E. Immediately After Injury To Avoid Chronic Pain & The Potential For Disability.

For how long?

Clock with 1 hour of time highlighted in blue

Generally speaking, 4 to 6 weeks depending on the vigilant application of these principles.

Ignore them, and it will take longer – possibly forever 🙁

Follow these principles, and your potential for a gentle return to activity could be as soon as 2 weeks post injury.

How To Properly R.I.C.E.

REST – stop moving! Especially the injured area. Consider a hobby.

Injured tissues cannot heal when they’re constantly under stress.

ICE – reduce inflammation! Another acronym is C.B.A.N which stands for cold, burn, ache, numb.

That means you’ll need to apply ice until numb.

Injured tissue swells, further damaging everything around. Not good as this retards healing time – literally slows the process down!

At first, the ice feels cold – obviously. Then it burns a bit, until it aches. Lastly, it’s numb – mission accomplished.

NOTE: do not apply ice directly to the skin – avoid frostbite! Two layers of towel between your skin and the ice is ideal.

COMPRESSION – squeeze out the inflammation. Ace bandage, massage, muscle floss…

ELEVATION – keep the injured area higher than the heart.

Ever notice how an injured area throbs when held below the heart? This is why we ELEVATE.

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