When Your Insert, Insole, & Arch Support IS NOT Custom

Are you joking? When Your Insert, Insole, & Arch Support IS NOT Custom image

When Your Insert, Insole, & Arch Support IS NOT Custom suffering is prolonged.


If the foot problem is not serious, NOT custom may do the trick.

There’s always a chance a pre-made could help reduce pain, but failing to correct the cause of a problem is never good.fingers crossedYour Insert, Insole, & Arch Support IS NOT Custom…

When it’s ready-made for purchase from a store inventory.

When it’s made to fit your shoe size and not each foot’s actual shape.

When your insert, insole, or arch support IS NOT helping to correct the cause of the foot problem.

Please consider truly custom before losing hope AND especially before considering dangerous medication or worse yet… surgery!

Foot health & function is no joke – the feet are no laughing matter!

-This is Serious Business-

This is Arizona Orthotics!!!

Okay, so then WHEN IS MY Insert, Insole, & Arch Support Custom?

When it’s made to equally distribute your weight across the entire surface of each foot!

When it’s made to Restore Alignment to Your Body’s Foundation based on each foot’s corrected shape needs.

When it’s made to Optimize how the 26 bones in each foot/shoe Absorb Shock.

  • Made flexible specific to only YOUR body weight.

When it’s Made Just Right – for ONLY you.

Serious Business – CUSTOM!

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It turns out HOW your custom foot orthotic is made Actually Matters. Here at Arizona Orthotics We Proudly offer THE ONLY medical-grade, MASS Posture & Precision Calibrated, Custom Foot Orthotic on the market. My Mission 1. Restore HOPE to those suffering with a foot problem they fear may never go away. 2. Optimize Human Performance with a legal advantage - a foundational & biomechanical advantage. 3. Graceful Ageing - I have yet to see someone with bad foot health age gracefully. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and hope you find what you're looking for.