!KnEe pAiN MaNiA!

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Unless you’re the victim of a knee trauma, your knee hurts due to repetitive stress.

-Imagine Opening & Closing a Door Against the Hinge-


Knee PainA hinge joint is not designed to handle the Stress of Buckling & Twisting.

Your knee falls victim to the Shockwave of Force that begins at the Heel with every step taken.

In other words, your foot has stopped providing adequate shock absorption.

As a result, this stress travels UP into the knee.girl pointing up with one finger pictureFor many, that’s over 10 Thousands Steps Every Day!

Optimize the Passage of Force from the foot UP into the KNEE by changing HOW the foot handles gravity.

-First you Restore, Then you Optimize-

Foundational RestorationFoundational Restoration & Optimization is how we restore each foot to its corrected MASS Posture & optimize foot function via Precision Calibration.

parents playing with children in grassy park

-Goodbye Knee Pain, Hello PLAY TIME!-