One Short Leg, One Big Problem

one short leg, one big problem

One short leg?

That’s a leg length deficiency.

Two short legs?Woman in athletic clothing pointing down

How about four?

Short Legs

One short leg is a big problem whereas two or four are not – the balance remains.

The vertically challenged cannot expect to suffer with osteoarthritis like those with, literally, bones shorter on one side. 

Not a problem because the foundation is level.

Level means NOT tilted.

measurement, measure, ruler, millimeters

Just like a house, the human body (frame) requires a level & strong foundation.

One Short Leg, One Big Problem – Osteoarthritis

It’s a fact one short leg will cause joints to wear out faster, AND AS EXPECTED, just on one side.

“Due to the widespread occurrence of LLD, physicians often consider this a normal finding although one should never confuse commonality with normalcy.”

Not all physicians are trained to identify the elusive short leg

Especially when it’s not functional.

And Guess What?!

It’s reported, according to researchers, as high as 90 percent” – NOT functional!

90% of us developing arthritis is not okay!

completely frustrated man in dress coat and shirt hold his right fist clenched near his face, with his mouth open and head cocked slightly backward.

Schedule your short leg consultation today.

There is hope!



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