Orthotics for Knee Pain

knee pain

Imagine trying to open a door or lift a toilet seat in any direction that violates the natural alignment of the hinge.

Now, do this 10,000 to 15,000 times each day and watch what happens.

This is exactly what happens when you walk around with a knee that is not in line.

-Your Knee is a Hinge Joint Designed to Move with Ease When Perfectly Aligned-

knee - hinge joint

The presence or absence of a good arch in each foot puts a different twist on the knee.

When the arch collapses, it triggers a series of compensations up the “joint chain” that causes the knee to rotate and bend inwards.

Over time, this wear-and-tear stress results in pain.  

Knee PainAre My Feet the Cause of My Knee Problem?

1. Sit down, take off your socks and shoes and looks down at your non-weight-bearing arches.

Now stand up, all the while, watching each arch.

Is there a big difference between your seated and standing arch?

If yes, your feet could be the cause of your knee problem and an orthotic designed to support each foot in its corrected arch-up, non-weight-bearing, alignment.

2. Additionally, look for evidence of wear and tear.

Look for corns or callouses around the big toe and the 1st metatarsal head.

Look for shape changes of the toes.

Shape changes, corns and callouses are ALL signs of of wear-and-tear.

3. Look at the bottom of an old pair of shoes for uneven wear.

worn shoe soles

Correcting the cause of stress make the difference between long-term success and failure in the management of knee pain.

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