Osteoarthritis Risk Factors

sands of time OA osteoarthritis time running out

Osteoarthritis Risk Factors include obesity, diet, and abnormal joint loading.

Is time running out? 

Are your footprints in the sands of time SAFE…

from degeneration?

degenerated hip, LLD, short leg, OA, osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative joint disease, is serious business.

After all, OA is a leading cause of DISABILITY & therefore NOT associated with graceful aging.

26 bones per foot - side view

Here at Arizona Orthotics we focus on the foundational component of OA & Degeneration.

-The Feet – 52 BONES – The Body’s Foundation-

The Most Important Component in our opinion!!!

Especially when one leg is shorter than the other. 

LLD (Leg length discrepancy) aka Short Leg EQUALS Abnormal & Excessive Joint Loading

Abnormal & excessive joint loading begins at the ground for those with a short leg.

For many that can mean more than 10,000 short leg steps per day.

When the superior sacral endplate is unlevel, compressive loads stress one acetabulum and femur.

“These stress concentrations have been suggested to be the cause of hip arthritis and bone mineral content differences left to right.”

Ten thousand steps closer to disability and a sedentary lifestyle.

osteoarthritis and normal joint anatomy

Considering Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD), affects up to 90% of the general population, isn’t it time we correct the cause pre-disability?!

More specifically, correct the underlying structural LLD?!!!

This is the LLD that keeps coming back no matter what you do.

That’s when the bones of one leg are measured and found to be TRULY shorter on one side – has nothing to do with muscles.

Measured via standing x-ray which we perform digitally right here in our local Phoenix office.

Perhaps it’s time for a different approach.

Book your short leg analysis consultation with Arizona Orthotics today.

Healthy from the ground up!



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