There is NO Substitute for Precision Calibration!

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-If it’s Not Precision Calibrated, it’s The Reason Your Foot Problem is NOT Healing!-

“But I tried my friend’s orthotics and they were too hard! I hate orthotics.”

Snellen Eye Chart adjacent to "precision calibrated to match patient specifics"Would you wear your friend’s eyeglasses and say, “Eyeglasses didn’t work for me”?! Of course not.

They didn’t help because they weren't Made-to-Match the Needs of YOUR eyes.         

Custom Foot Orthotics: Precision Calibrated to Flex

Precision Calibration is HOW We Match the Flexibility of every custom orthotic to ONLY YOU!

A heavier person requires more support from an orthotic than a lighter. Calibrated to flex based on your body weight.

Think about the additional support demands an athlete would require from an orthotic. Precision calibration offers a biomechanical advantage athletes have only dreamed of - A LEGAL ADVANTAGE over the competition.

A rigid foot requires an orthotic with greater flexibility than a more flat and floppy foot. 

POINT BEING: Fine-tuned flexibility takes EVERYTHING about YOU into account & that's what you deserve!  

"PLEASE, Stay for just a moment longer. This is Dr. Dave and I'm here asking you to NOT GIVE UP. I promise you, there is HOPE! I promise that if you can still walk, your feet have incredible potential to heal. Give me a call, you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain! "

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