Pretend Custom Orthotics & Google

Snippit: Deceptive Google Search Engine Results for Custom Orthotics

When you think of Google you may think… efficient search engine, but what if there was a flaw?

What if Google failed to recognize the difference between pre-made vs custom?!

Truth is Google is showcasing pre-made products as custom & THAT’S DECEPTIVE!

Google would probably be incredibly upset to learn their “algorithm” DID NOT HELP us all find exactly what we’re looking for.

What if there was A HUGE FLAW in the Google Algorithm for custom foot products that deceptively led you down the WRONG PATH.

The path of endless wasted money in search of help for your foot problem.

The path of hopelessness after truly believing “custom orthotics didn’t help me” when in fact THEY WEREN’T CUSTOM!

It appears the word CUSTOM has eluded the Google engineers and WE’RE ALL SUFFERING AS A RESULT!

Upstep, Profoot, ArchCrafters, Dr. Scholls… the list literally goes on and on!!!

Damn Shame!

As if it were that difficult to discern the difference between pre-made & made-from-scratch.

listening on with curiosityPerhaps Google is involved in the world’s largest conspiracy against the word custom.

It would readily appear so when you search “custom orthotics” and see all the PREMADES up top.

Pre-made is Not Custom – EVER

End of story.

Get it together Google.

The world depends on you.

sad woman showing sign against please stop

Please stop making mistakes!

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