First you Restore, then you Optimize!

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Step 1: Restore each foot back to its Authentic Alignment. That's Foundational Restoration. Foundational RestorationHOW we Capture Each Foot's 3-D Authentic Alignment VIDEO

Step 2: Optimize HOW the Feet Work as Springs to initiate healing!

Precision Calibrated to FLEX | Custom Foot Orthotics

ALL 52 Bones & 66 Joints IN YOUR FEET (the body's foundation - 25% of all the body's bones) must work in-sync to absorb shock if there's any HOPE of HEALING whatsoever!

Precision Calibration is HOW we Fine-Tune the FLEXIBILITY of every orthotic to Match YOUR Body Weight, Foot Flexibility, & Activity Level.

Never too soft or too hard - JUST RIGHT Flexibility!

Feet as Springs are ESSENTIAL in your fight against the unrelenting stress of body weight and gravity.


"Ladies & Gents, this is Dr. Dave and I'm here to tell you THERE IS HOPE! I promise if you can still walk, your feet have the potential to heal and continually improve over time. Give me a call, you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain!"