Roman Chair Exercise Manual

You’d expect to find a Roman Chair Exercise Manual when you pay more than $100 for a piece of exercise equipment.

Purchasing a Roman Chair for a loved one this holiday season!?

Perhaps some sort of instruction on how to use it?

Nope. Not with a Roman Chair.

Ask a “customer support specialist” and they’ll tell ya to Google it.

Oops. Wrong answer!

What a crappy gift!

The gift of potential pain from improper performance.

Turn that frown upside down holiday shopper.

Buy Dr. Dave’s eBook for only $9.99!

Roman Chair Spine Snake – a Training Manual for Graceful Spine Aging by Dr. David J. Doperak.

Include proper instruction along with all that good intention.

eBook format means it’s available immediately.

Happy Holidays Indeed 🙂

Dr Dave
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