Roman Chair Spine Snake

To date, what’s possible with a roman chair has failed those with the best of intention.

Those working hard, working to age gracefully against gravity.

Reserved to single-joint hyperextension and gluteal-hamstring focused movements, the potential of the Roman Chair is described in its full potential for neuromuscular re-education and ultimately NOT… graceful aging.

The Spine Snake technique, developed by Dr David J. Doperak, pushes beyond the single-axis & unimaginative approach into an incredibly underappreciated piece of equipment for the everyday individual and athlete alike – the roman chair.

What about lumbar spine hyper-extension?

“Biomechanically, during the end range of lumbar extension, the inferior articular process from the vertebral level above (e.g., the fourth lumbar vertebrae) impinges on the pars interarticularis of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. In cases where there is a spondylolysis, repeated extension while under load would produce a microtraumatic or perhaps macrotraumatic effect also known as a spondylolysis.”

Dr. Doperak explains why the 45 degree angled roman chair pad eliminates this potential for repetitive microtrauma and spondylolysis as follows:

The 1st 25 degrees range of motion is normal. Beyond 25 degrees, that’s considered hyper-extension and should be avoided.

So with a 45 degree angled pad you’ve already reduced that stress significantly by removing 45 degrees of movement.

roman chair angled pad versus horizontal

You’d be practically standing upright to induce hyper-extension using a 45 degree angled Roman chair.

As a result, a roman chair designed as such would be greatly beneficial for a person with too much low back curve to begin with.

Purchase Roman Chair Spine Snake – a Training Manual for Graceful Spine Aging today.


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