Shoe Inserts: An Unwise Decision?

shoe inserts

Shoe inserts vary widely from the real cheap to the rather expensive.

However, all inserts have “one huge thing” in common.

– They’re Pre-made

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For example, Wal-Mart sells the most famous of the pre-mades… Dr. Scholl’s.

And then there’s Amazon, with the largest selection of the good ‘ol made-in-advance.

That’s right – they’re made before knowing anything about the shape of each foot – your feet to be exact!

So, what can I expect from shoe inserts?


And, the best hope-and-pray approach to long-term foot health.

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So, which shoe insert is best?

Take a free walk test, or any other sort of non-specific functional test…

Then, of course, buy whichever feels best.

That’s the deal!

In conclusion, inserts are fantastic replacements for what’s already inside.

Pull it out – replace with whatever shoe insert of choice – it’s that easy.

Shoe Inserts: An Unwise Decision.

Consider a MASS Posture | Precision Calibrated Custom Foot Orthotic for real results. 

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