Shoe Stretchers & Custom Foot Orthotics

Shoe Stretchers & Custom Foot Orthotics

What happens when your arch gets pushed up into the throat line of a shoe?

See anatomy of a shoe.

As a result, you’ll notice a redness at the top of the foot.

side view of foot with hand on top
It can happen because shoes are literally made to fit the size, not shape, of a foot.

It’s common, but you’ve got options.

Shoe Stretchers & Custom Foot Orthotics

All 26 bones per foot work best in the UP alignment.

In order to optimize foot function & also for shock absorption.

But that can also force the foot up and into the throat line.

Which can be uncomfortable at first.

That’s when a shoe stretcher can come in handy.

Specifically, one that can STRETCH OUT the throat line.

Purchase a shoe stretcher with holes on the very top.

Into these holes you’ll insert a piece of hard plastic which will direct the shape of the stretch.

See examples of shoe stretchers here.

-How To Stretch The Throat Line-

In order to stretch the throat line:

  1. Insert hard plastic plug or a series of plugs into the appropriate holes at the very top of the stretcher.
  2. Insert the stretcher into the shoe with the backpiece facing down.
  3. Adjust the stretcher to make contact with the throat line.
    1. Be sure the backpiece is snugly in place.
  4. Continue lengthening the stretcher.
    1. Watch closely as you slowly increase the tension until you see this a mild stretch.
    1. Allow stretch to continue for 2 hours.
    1. Increase tension again and let sit for a couple hours or even overnight.
  5. Remove shoe stretcher & assess the result.

If necessary, re-insert the repeat.

Note: An inexpensive shoe stretcher may not work for your particular shoe of choice.

Additional options include:

  1. Use your freezer as shown in this shoe stretching hack video.
  2. Visit your local cobbler.
  3. Try a different shoe.
  4. Modify the orthotic in numerous ways – not ideal.
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