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-There are 2 Types of Short Leg-Short Leg

-Functional V. Structural-


In the case of a Functional Short Leg, One Leg is NOT Truly Shorter than the other!

Muscle & Postural Imbalances seen visually lead many therapists to improperly treat a structural short leg as functional.

Lots of wasted time and money!

Stretching & Strengthening of the involved musculature works best for this type of short leg and…

-When Truly Functional, the Results are Long-Term-

Point Being: Treatment for a functional short leg should not take a lifetime!


Identified via standing x-ray as seen in the pic below.

Considering the Entire Spine sits on Top of the Sacrum & Pelvis, it’s imperative to measure for the presence of a Truly Short Leg here.

-How to fix a Structural Short Leg!-

  1. Obtain an Exact Measurement of the Unleveling via Standing X-Ray, and
  2. Build Up the Low Side to Restore BALANCE.

xray short leg

Considering the tremendous amount of wear-and-tear created by a short leg and the resulting unlevel pelvis, it’s imperative to correct this sooner than later.

Right here in our local Phoenix office we measure the unleveling then build the appropriately sized lift directly into your MASS Posture Custom Foot Orthotic.*

It’s a solution you deserve!

*9 to 12mm is the max lift most shoes can accommodate. Short legs larger than 9 to 12mm typically require a shoe buildup. Patient specifics to be discussed during consult.