Unfair Advantage? You Decide!

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Powerful Feet AS a LEGAL Sports Performance Advantage?

Considering the Feet are the only contact with the Ground, Optimal Shock Absorption specific to individual needs is a prerequisite for sports participation excellence.

What about the difference between Success & Failure... or, worse yet, INJURY?!

When ALL 52 Bones, 66 Joints, 107 Ligaments & 200 Muscles work in-sync for Balance, Stability & to Generate Power...

Athlete performing high jump captured as he is vertical passing over the bar.

...that's the Arizona Orthotics Recipe for Sports Performance SUCCESS.

Our custom foot orthotics are specifically designed to optimize performance specific to individual needs like:

  1. Corrected left & right foot Arch Up Alignment in 3-D,
  2. Body weight,
  3. History of foot injury (rigidity vs flexibility), and
  4. Activity level demands.

Are your feet limiting your performance?

Our doctor will determine if your feet are limiting your ability to generate power and force optimally. We'll make 3-D impressions of the feet seated and standing. We’ll inspect the structure of your feet and frame as well as how you move for additional indicators of “weak-links”.