Stay Young Forever

Stay Young forever by taking excellent care of your feet.

When the feet hurt we feel old.

When the feet break down, lifestyle must adapt.

In other words, gone are the days of playing like a child – for some.

Here at Arizona Orthotics we remain hopeful that it’s actually possible to age gracefully!

We all have incredible inborn potential and we want to maximize that.

The sooner the better too! 

We all have the potential to live a healthy & active life.

hiker climbing over rocks

-Let’s Talk Feet-

26 bones per foot

-The body’s foundation-

-Expected to take a beating daily-

-Forced down by gravity into concrete-

words scattered: gravity, weight, mass, physics...Any desire to stay young forever requires healthy feet.

superhero children

It’s no longer a secret, help has arrived!

The secret to graceful ageing starts at the foundation. 


Stay young forever by restoring each foot back to it’s authentic arch-up position. 

Then optimize how the plastic shell of the orthotic absorbs shock specific to the individual!

chicken with springs under feet and the words "a spring chicken" underneath

Made-flexible-to-match individual needs.

Never too soft or too hard.

Just right by design in order to support even the most valiant effort to stay young forever

Dr Dave
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Dr Dave

It turns out HOW your custom foot orthotic is made Actually Matters. Here at Arizona Orthotics We Proudly offer THE ONLY medical-grade, MASS Posture & Precision Calibrated, Custom Foot Orthotic on the market. My Mission 1. Restore HOPE to those suffering with a foot problem they fear may never go away. 2. Optimize Human Performance with a legal advantage - a foundational & biomechanical advantage. 3. Graceful Ageing - I have yet to see someone with bad foot health age gracefully. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and hope you find what you're looking for.