Structural Short Leg Glute Shift

The short leg glute shift describes how the butt muscles take over when you have one short leg.

Yes, one short leg is very common and causes your butt muscles to react in a predictable manner.

One short leg is big problem in terms of wear-and-tear.

How about wear-and-tear degenerative arthritis?!

Huge enemy to graceful aging!

That structural short leg, one short leg, is not going away by itself when due to bone length.

Structural Short Leg Glute Shift-

“The greater the degree of short leg, the more the gluteus medius is needed to level the pelvis, and thus the greater shift of body weight to the contralateral side.”

Simply stated, short leg less than 6mm on the left EQUALS butt shift to the same side.

On the other hand, when more than 6 millimeters, the gluteals pull everything to the opposite side.

Here’s the good news!

Whether the body shifts left or right Does Not Matter in terms of correction.

What’s important is to eliminate the shift & age gracefully!

-How to Eliminate the Glute Shift-

First we measure it & The Gold Standard is X-Ray – Standing with knees locked.

Beyond that, we’ll want to be sure all rotation is removed to ensure all potential for x-ray distortion has been accounted for.

We measure this unleveling at the sacral base – in millimeters.

Correction includes the measurable discrepancy built into the low side of a made-from-scrath precision calibrated custom foot orthotic.

Optimize the foundation, level the pelvis & STOP THE SHORT LEG SHIFT!

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Lawrence D. Lateralization of weight in the presence of structural short leg: a preliminary report. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1984;7(2):105-108

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