The Shocking Truth About Night Splints and Plantar Fasciitis

Night Splints

Shocking truth # 1

Night splints don’t work because they DO NOT correct the cause of plantar fasciitis.

Night splints are great at stretching the fascia.

That’s it!

But, and herein lies the problem, you don’t have plantar fasciitis because your plantar fascia is too tight.

Plantar fasciitis is caused by an already over stretched fascia.

plantar fasciitis arch up vs arch down

The fascia is not designed to handle this constant stretch stress and begins to tear.

This micro-tearing creates the pain and inflammation, hence the diagnosis.

Shocking truth # 2

Night splints will actually make you worse the more you use them.

Night splints are designed to provide a constant, sustained, stretch to the fascia.

Although this may help temporarily reduce your pain, it does nothing to address how your foot handles gravity.

You don’t walk around with this splint and this splint does not improve your foot function against gravity.

Night splints stretch, that’s it – the fascia is already over stretched!

Additional stretching makes it more difficult for your foot to hold you up against gravity.

Shocking truth # 3

Night splints are uncomfortable.

They’re big and bulky and the plastic is hard.

Who really wants to sleep with this in their warm and comfy bed every night for the rest of their life?


That’s why your treatment for plantar fasciitis must correct the cause.

Simply put, night splints do not correct the cause of plantar fasciitis and that’s why they don’t work.


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