What do custom foot orthotics look like?

Custom foot orthotics look like the shape of your arch when made from a 3-D impression. However, all custom foot orthotics are not made the same so you will see quite a variety of shapes and styles. Here at Arizona Orthotics we make custom foot orthotics for all styles of foot wear and all foot shapes. We have lots of options which ultimately determine how it looks when finished.

We make the shallow and narrow for dress shoes. We make one specifically for high heels.

The Copley custom foot orthotic for heels and stilettos

We make them with a deep heel cup for difficult to control ankles. We make them full length, sulcus length and met length. All offer the same functional correction, but the idea is to make them fit a person’s lifestyle and footwear needs yet everybody is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to custom foot orthotics so they do not all look alike.

Off-set front view left custom foot orthotic with a blue ultra suede topcover

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It turns out HOW your custom foot orthotic is made Actually Matters. Here at Arizona Orthotics We Proudly offer THE ONLY medical-grade, MASS Posture & Precision Calibrated, Custom Foot Orthotic on the market. My Mission 1. Restore HOPE to those suffering with a foot problem they fear may never go away. 2. Optimize Human Performance with a legal advantage - a foundational & biomechanical advantage. 3. Graceful Ageing - I have yet to see someone with bad foot health age gracefully. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you and hope you find what you're looking for.