What Should I do if My Chiropractor Tells Me that I have a Foot Problem?

Dr. Dave at Arizona Orthotics says, “No matter what the reason is for you seeing your Chiropractor..."

Be it back pain,

Getting better after an injury from a car accident,

General health and wellness,

Or just the occasional massage...

"When your Chiropractor tells you that you have a foot problem, many Chiropractors do not offer a solution.”


So, what do you do now?

“When you go home and jump onto the internet to do some research, (and I know you will) you are faced with many 'options that claim' they can fix your foot problem.”

"But what about seeing my normal doctor first?"

“The problem I personally see more times than I want to admit,” says Dr. Dave...

“is many MDs may want to try and prescribe dangerous meds or injections, rock hard antiquated orthotics, or worse yet, surgery.”


“Not only will this not cure your foot problem,"

"It can cost you time, more money, frustration, and could also cause you to lose focus on why you are seeing your Chiropractor in the first place... as many MDs talk bad about Chiropractors.”

Which we all know isn't true!

Your Chiropractor Rocks! 🙂


“Look, if your Chiropractor just told you that you have a foot problem...

...don’t be scared or lose hope like Candus almost did in the video below!”


“And don’t waste time and money like many of my patients do,” says Dr. Dave.

Let me come & show you how your life can change with custom-made foot orthotics...

"Right in the comfort of your Chiropractor’s office!”

What about those cheap store bought shoe inserts?

This is where many people start, thinking those shoe inserts at the mall or at some online store will fix their foot problem...

"But nothing could be further from the truth" Dr. Dave says.


"Because all feet are not created equal!"


Yet all inserts on the rack by the machine are the same, except for size.

“Buying a shoe insert at the mall, or online for that matter, is really just adding a cushion into your shoes…"

"And that is NOT GOING TO FIX the real cause of your foot problem” Dr. Dave notes.

But why?

“Because pre-made products are not made specific to the needs of any particular individual.”


Specific individual needs you ask?

Yes like:

1. Your Body Weight
2. Your Authentic Foot Alignment
3. Your Measurable Foot Flexibility
4. Your Activity Level.

“These are just a few of the issues you must address to truly fix your foot problem...

Which will unfortunately get worse over time if left untreated.” Dr. Dave remarks.

But what type of solution is out there that actually works?

Custom foot orthotics made to your exact foot specifications!


Why Custom Foot Orthotics?

Because, you don't want to be like Cathy in the video below...

Who was in pain, having trouble walking, & she tried many different things, wasted time and money, before finding a true solution to her foot problem...

Which is a real, made-from-scratch, truly custom foot orthotic, because they will truly correct the cause of your foot dysfunction.


OK, that sounds interesting, but my Chiropractor doesn’t offer them, what do I do now?

Seek the solution from a trusted referral source right here in Arizona...

Dr. Dave @ Arizona Orthotics.

And guess what?

Dr. Dave will come right to your Chiropractor’s office and give YOU a free workshop & consultation.

Really? Now that is cool!


By the way, since you have read this far...

You should mention to your Chiropractor that Arizona Orthotics is a safe place for them to send all their patients who have foot problems and are looking for help, before they waste money and time testing out other so-called “solutions.”

Why keep this gold nugget of info all to yourself?

Come on, be the hero!

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