When Heel Pain Is Not A Heel Spur

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-Your Heel Hurts. Now What?-

Oh the trouble we find during our adventures in self-diagnosis.

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The best treatment for a heel spur is not the same as the rehab beneficial for a sprain or strain.

When Heel Pain is NOT due to a heel spur it should not be treated as such.

Treatment inappropriate for the diagnosis allows the underlying problem to worsen.

For example, asthma medication is not appropriate for a cough nor is cough medication appropriate for asthma.

-Asking the Right Questions Help-

Once we understand WHAT has happened we can figure out HOW to best proceed.

Did the heel pain appear gradually or suddenly?

What about the person who develops heel pain only following long family walks on vacation? 

Could it be a muscle strain or plantar fasciitis?

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You cannot assume heel pain is due to a heel spur.

Heel spurs can be seen on x-ray.

X-ray helps visualize the spur but do not help us understand how to correct the cause.

In order to correct the cause of a heel spur, you must optimize how the feet handle gravity.

Heel spurs can grow slowly over time and in response to stress.

More specifically, in response to a tug-of-war between the heel and forefoot.

Flat feet and fallen arches create a stretch-stress that worsens standing and with every step.

As time goes by the spur grows as does the intensity of pain.

When heel pain is not a heel spur, please:

Ask for Help Finding & Correcting the Cause

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