When to Begin Exercise with New Custom Foot Orthotics

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We’re often asked, “When can I begin to exercise with my new custom foot orthotics?”

Great question!

When to Begin Exercise with New Custom Foot Orthotics

AFTER the feet have finished adapting, slowly, over time – of course.

That is to say, please be sure you are able to walk around comfortably for a full day before exercise.

For some, this could be as soon as 7 days.

Follow the break-in procedure as instructed for the best break-in experience.

This means, adaptation begins BEFORE the orthotics arrive.

Part I of the Arizona Orthotics break-in portal is essential.

And available 24/7 free of charge.

The mere shift of 52 Bones, 66 Joints, 107 Ligaments & 200 Muscles into the corrected alignment changes everything!

26 bones per foot - side view

When to Begin Exercise with New Custom Foot Orthotics then depends on your own personal experience.

Generally speaking, 14 days.

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