Why full contact arch support is essential for optimal foot function

Why is full contact arch support essential for optimal foot function?

Because the feet are the body’s foundation!

How they absorb shock actually matters.

Here’s the math: 26 bones per foot X’s 2 feet for a grand total of 52 bones.


The alignment of these 52 bones have absolute control over whether the feet will be good or bad shock absorbers.

Full contact arch support means each foot has the correct support for optimal function.


Considering the average person takes 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day, having the proper support with each step is essential.

-MASS Posture is HOW We Capture Each Foot’s Ideal Arch-Up Shape for FULL CONTACT ARCH SUPPORT-

This Authentic Foot Alignment is Lost Standing!

Standing LIMITS the examiner and/or technology to the evaluation of YOUR Deformed Foot Alignment – you’re standing during the analysis which means your body weight and gravity PUSH DOWN and Flatten the 33 joints in each foot.

Fancy Digital Scans – analyze your deformed foot.

Pressure Plates – also analyze your deformed foot shape.

MASS Posture is HOW we’re able to Capture & Restore Each Foot Back to it’s Authentic Shape.

MASS Posture is HOW Our Custom Foot Orthotics Equally Distribute Body-Weight Over the ENTIRE Surface of Each Foot FOR COMFORT.

Welcome to the next generation of custom foot orthotics!

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