Why is full contact arch support essential for optimal foot function?

Full contact arch support is essential because the feet are the body’s foundation!

How they absorb shock matters.

Here’s the math: 26 bones per foot X’s 2 feet, for a grand total of 52 bones in the feet.

math equationWell, guess what?

Structure dictates function at the foundation of your body.

The alignment of these 52 bones control whether the feet will be good or bad shock absorbers.

Full contact arch supports work to ensure proper alignment, but that’s not enough.

26 bones come together to form 33 joints – that creates the potential for a lot of movement in each foot!

Think of your elbow – 1 joint to flex and extend the forearm – that’s it, just one.

The elbow joint is hinge-like, like that found on your toilet bowl seat or a door.hinge

Imagine trying to open that lid or door in the wrong direction over and over again.

Not only is it going to be difficult, but eventually it will break due to wear-and-tear.

Same with the feet, except they don’t typically break. 

What happens instead is pain, and conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunion, big toe arthritis…

plantar fasciitis arch up vs arch down

Let’s get back to the 33 joints per foot which create the opportunity for incredible flexibility and movement in more than 1 direction – unlike a hinge!

So, unless what’s your shoe is in full contact with the authentic arch-up alignment of each foot (all 52 bones) you’ve got a problem.

As each foot transitions between pronation and supination for shock absorption, all 66 joints must work in sync to properly absorb and dissipate shock.

Considering the average person takes 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day, that’s a lot of wear and tear stress when the foot isn’t working properly.

Let’s change that!


Full Contact

With a full contact, machine calibrated, custom foot orthotic specifically designed to optimize how each foot hits the ground and absorbs shock.

Whether it’s plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, a heel spur or metatarsalgia, the cause is improper shock absorption – over time.

Here at Arizona Orthotics we capture each foot’s corrected arch up shape seated. Learn how that’s done here.

We also calibrate the orthotic for flexibility specific to your body weight, amongst other things. Learn more about that here.

Hopefully now you understand better why a full contact arch support is so important!

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